50% Unique Art collectible

50% Whiskey cask investment

A way for Whiskees NFT owners to have partial ownership in aging whiskey casks to historically apreciate an average of 15-20% in value per year.


Unique NFTs


Whiskey Investment


Historical appreciation


Whiskees NFTs are a hand-drawn collection of 10,000 NFTs with a realistic and unique design concept to show the many people, places, and ways to enjoy a glass or bottle. They highlight a person overlooking a variety of iconic landscapes from popular locations around the world gazing from an outdoor balcony and surrounded by their own personal versions of luxury as they kick-back, sip, and enjoy life. We want you to see yourself in a Whiskees NFT and bring a sense of connection from your life into our NFTs and the greater community!

example nft
example nft
example nft

Our Team

Our team is a dedicated group of Cardano advocates that have been around since the 2018 HODL days. We are a collection of whiskey lovers, entrepreneurs, designers, and developers and have worked on some notable Cardano NFT projects and tools such as Aquafarmers and NMKR. Our vision is to bring real-world use cases to Cardano NFTs and we believe and are excited for the benefits and uniqueness Whiskees NFTs can provide to the Cardano community!

illsutration team member tim


Marketing and Founder

Whiskey on the rocks

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Whiskey sour

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Whiskey neat

barrel decoration
barrel decoration


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Website launched

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Litepaper launched

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Social Media launched (Twitter, Discord, Medium)

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Attending cNFTcon in Las Vegas, USA (October 8-9th)

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Attending Rare Bloom in Denver, USA (October 14-15th)

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Holiday cNFT Giveaway for our community

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Various YouTube and Twitter podcasts to be released


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Release Whiskees NFTs ownership utility per rarity tier

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Release Whitelist process

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Spread Whiskees NFTs to the community (Twitter, Discord, AMA’s, etc..)

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Decision on Phased Mint Approach

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Release Pre-Sale Mint Paper


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Whitelist NFT Pre-Sale (April 6th @ 8pm UTC)

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Public NFT Pre-Sale (April 7th @ 8pm UTC)

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Update Whiskees NFT ownership percentages, and update website / discord

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Conversion of 50% ADA from Pre-Sale into USDT or fiat for whiskey cask acquisition

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Start emitting LIQGOLD tokens to Whiskees NFTs holders


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Announce first cask acquisition from Pre-Sale funds

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Release proof of cask ownership for every whiskey cask acquired

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Continued marketing to push Pre-Sale collection sell-out

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Team to release media of whiskey cask storage facilities with casks acquired (Aug 2023)

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Team attending CNFTCon (NFTxLV) in Las Vegas (September 29th - October 1st, 2023)


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Acquire remaining Pre-Sale casks


Tentative plans for next phase(s) release of Cask series 1 collection, based on market demand

Monthly LIQGOLD tokens to be redeemable for rewards (based on phased sales)

Whiskees NFT wallet owner voting mechanism setup - Cask Series 1

NFT owners can vote to 'keep, sell, or bottle' parts/all the casks at 3, 5, and 10 year time points in Cask Series 1.

If sold, profits from cask sales will be returned to NFT holders in ADA at time of sale.

Cask Series 2 Whiskees NFTs sale that builds off of Cask Series 1 NFT (Bourbon, Japanese whiskey, etc…)

Plan for self-bottling and label creation for holders


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+ What are Whiskees NFTs?

+ Why own whiskey casks?

- Where can I find more information?

+ Tell me about the art and the NFTs?

+ How will you select the casks?

+ What is the Whiskees NFTs ownership portion?

+ What do we do with the casks?

+ What happens after the 3 year aging requirement period?

+ What is the ‘Keep’ option?

+ What is the ‘Sell’ option?

+ What is the ‘Bottle’ option?

+ What happens after Year 3?

+ This sounds expensive… can I afford it?

+ Will there be rarity within Whiskees NFTs?

+ By owning certain rarity tiers are there any other benefits?


+ Will there be a Whitelist?

+ Will you be partnering or collaborating with other Cardano NFT projects?

+ I still have questions, what do I do?